Electrical Licensing and Safety

Electrical Licensing and Safety

Electrical Licensing and Safety
In Australia, there are specific laws that require electricians to be properly licensed before they carry out any electrical work. Electricity is dangerous and has the power to kill. It takes years of training and a tonne of experience to get to the point where an electrician can confidently do their job and keep your home safe.

Types Of Electrical Licenses

Each state within Australia has its own set of rules regarding electrical licensing. You can find out more by visiting the relevant Government agency below.

ACT Environment and Planning Directorate
NSW Fair Trading
NT Electrical Workers and Contractors Licensing Board
QLD Workplace Health and Safety Electrical Safety Office
SA Government
TAS Department of Justice – Electrical Licenses
VIC Energy Safe Victoria
WA Department of Commerce

There are actually two kinds of licenses and these are explained next.

Contractor’s License

The first is a contractor’s license. This allows the electrician to operate a business and charge for the work they perform. It is your first safety net should something go wrong. Typically the company you deal with will have the contractor’s license and they can tell you that over the phone. So, make sure you ask for their contractor’s license number.

Electrician’s License

The second license is called a qualified supervisor’s certificate (in NSW). This license says that the person is qualified to actually do the work. Every electrical contractor must nominate someone who is qualified to the do work. This person is called the Qualified Supervisor. The qualified supervisor must have a valid electrical license. The electrician’s personal license can be checked when they come to your home. Do not engage an electrician that can not provide both of these

Electrical Industry Associations

One more good indicator of a true professional is that they belong to an industry association. This is good for you because it means they have access to all of the latest information, standards and best practices. Without this, they may be operating on out of date information. The relevant one in Australia is NECA the National Electrical Contractors Association. When you go to the NECA website make sure that you select the state which relates to your work.


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